LD 52(HP27)
An Act to Allow Certain School Employees to Carry Firearms on School Property
LD 376(HP227)
An Act to Repeal the Law Regarding the Northern Maine Renewable Energy Development Program
LD 434(HP267)
An Act to Protect Landowners and Increase Safety on All-terrain Vehicle Trails by Increasing Funding to the ATV Recreational Management Fund
LD 543(HP348)
An Act to Reimburse Counties for Judicial Costs
LD 548(HP353)
An Act to Amend the Duties of County Sheriffs
LD 558(HP363)
An Act Regarding Rental Housing Applications
LD 559(HP364)
An Act to Increase the Number of Hours Certain Minor Students May Work Under Certain Circumstances
LD 560(HP365)
An Act Regarding County Sheriff Vehicle Registration Plates
LD 576(SP244)
An Act to Facilitate Communication Between Pro Se Defendants and Assistant District Attorneys
LD 672(HP441)
An Act to Establish Youth Deer Hunting Weekend
LD 687(HP456)
An Act to Increase the Allowable Width of a Snowplow
LD 702(HP471)
An Act Regarding the Detention, Supervision and Transportation of Arrested Juveniles
LD 761(SP319)
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Crime of Endangering the Welfare of a Child and to Create the Crime of Aggravated Endangering the Welfare of a Child
LD 831(HP520)
An Act Regarding Low Success Rates for Moose Hunting
LD 1042(SP411)
An Act to Update Youth Sports Concussion and Injury Prevention Protocols
LD 1166(HP738)
An Act to Allow Sunday Hunting by Landowners on Their Land
LD 1295(HP820)
An Act Regarding Penalties for Maintaining Drug-involved Premises
LD 1787(HP1150)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to Convene a Stakeholder Group Tasked with a Comprehensive Overhaul and Modernization of the State Subdivision Statutes
LD 1916(SP778)
An Act to Classify Meat and Poultry Products Inspections as Essential Services
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