LD 207(HP128)
An Act to Transfer Responsibility for Administering the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code from the Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal to the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
LD 219(HP140)
An Act to Promote Equity in the Permitting Appeals Process
LD 347(HP221)
An Act Regarding In-court Appearance Requirements for Persons Authorized to Serve Eviction Notices and the Process for Serving a Writ of Possession
LD 442(HP275)
An Act Regarding Renewable Energy Projects
LD 514(HP319)
Resolve, Directing the Office of the State Auditor to Report on Taxpayer Money Funding Maine Nonprofits
LD 531(HP336)
An Act to Add Gray Squirrels to the Species List for the Open Training Season for Hunting Dogs
LD 634(HP411)
An Act to Allow Open Burning in the Snow Without a Permit
LD 656(HP425)
An Act to Prevent Electioneering on General Election Ballots by Candidates Nominated by Petition
LD 708(HP477)
An Act to Establish a Sales Tax Holiday Weekend
LD 841(HP530)
An Act to Permit a Short-term Waiver from the Minimum Wage for Chronically Unemployed Individuals
LD 855(HP545)
An Act to Provide That the Minimum Wage Increases by the Rolling Average of the Cost of Living of the Previous 3 Years
LD 960(HP607)
An Act Regarding the Limits on Civil Remedies Available Under the Maine Human Rights Act
LD 1038(HP674)
An Act to Reinstate Plurality Voting by Repealing the Ranked-choice Voting Laws
LD 1085(HP680)
An Act to Increase Transparency of and Lower Health Care Costs
LD 1106(HP702)
An Act to Improve the Transition to Adult Services for Children with Intellectual Disabilities
LD 1109(HP705)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Create Consistent Election Dates for Citizen-initiated Referenda in Even-numbered Election Years
LD 1158(HP730)
An Act to Recognize the Critical Nature of Workforce Development Through Career and Technical Education by Establishing an Adjustment for Career and Technical Education Centers in the School Funding Formula
LD 1194(SP490)
An Act to Implement Work Requirements Under the MaineCare Program
LD 1197(HP757)
An Act to Prevent Coerced Abortion
LD 1198(HP758)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Economic and Community Development to Convene a Working Group to Improve the State’s 10-year Economic Development Strategy
LD 1272(SP509)
An Act to Index Unemployment Benefits to the Unemployment Rate
LD 1369(HP883)
An Act to Amend the Essential Programs and Services Funding Formula to Include All Costs for the Transportation of Students
LD 1403(HP899)
An Act to Promote Minimum Wage Consistency by Limiting the Authority of Municipalities Regarding Minimum Hourly Pay
LD 1425(HP921)
An Act to Strengthen Freedom of Access Protections by Allowing Remote Meetings to Be Recorded
LD 1580(HP1025)
An Act to Help Maine Small Businesses with Increasing Costs by Removing the Annual Cost-of-living Adjustment for the Minimum Wage
LD 1651(HP1063)
An Act to Reduce the State Income Tax
LD 1733(HP1112)
An Act to Require the Revenue Forecasting Committee to Prepare Economic Impact Statements for Certain Legislation
LD 1774(HP1137)
An Act Exempting Certain Emergency Distributions and Emergency Savings Accounts from Taxation
LD 1831(HP1163)
Resolve, Relating to the Employment of Minors
LD 1876(HP1201)
An Act to Enhance Legislative Participation in the Governor’s Use of Emergency Powers
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