Higher prices cost Maine Families an extra $556 a month more in July than last year

July Consumer Price Index numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics are out, and they are not encouraging. According to analysis from Joint Economic Committee (JEC), higher prices for everyday goods means that the average Maine household spent  an extra $556 a month more in July than a year ago.

That translates to Maine households paying $6,670 a year more than last year.

This is Representative Amanda Collamore of Pittsfield with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

Unprecedented cost increases are impacting households that have to pay more for basics like food and rent, not to mention gas and oil. This disproportionally impacts low-income Mainers and those living on a fixed income.

Living in Maine can be difficult for many people, especially those who have retired or are just starting out. Having to pay an extra $556 a month, or $6,670 a year can severely impact a person or family’s quality of life.

Government should not be making things harder for people trying to live, work, retire, or raise a family.

That is why Maine House Republicans continue to oppose policies that raise the cost of living whether it be new fuel taxes, burdensome regulations, or the over- collection of taxes from working people.

Simply put, House Republicans believe that you should keep more of your money. You will spend it more effectively and efficiently than government. 

People are increasingly becoming aware that the world we are living in is vastly different than a couple of years ago.

We need to think differently about government and what we should expect from government.

House Republicans believe that, at the very least, citizens should demand a government that does make their lives harder through excess taxation, spending and the inflation that results from it.

House Republicans are working to move Maine forward.  Please help support us by spreading our message.

This has been Rep. Amanda Collamore with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.  Thank you for supporting our efforts, listening, subscribing, sharing, and following us on Facebook and Instagram.


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