Boothbay V.E.T.S. Walk-a-Thon For Homeless Veterans Kickoff Event  

The non-political, bipartisan event is focused on creating temporary housing for homeless veterans

BOOTHBAY– Members of the media are invited to join former First Lady Anne LePage and Representative Shelley Rudnicki on July 24 to kickoff the Walk-aThon for V.E.T.S aimed at providing temporary housing for homeless veterans in Maine.

According to the Maine Homeless Veterans Action Committee, there are currently more than 100 homeless veterans in Maine and the Boothbay V.E.T.S. are committed to providing shelter for as many of them as possible.

Boothbay V.E.T.S. has been working tirelessly to convert enclosed utility trailers into temporary housing for homeless vets, getting many of these veterans off the streets and in some cases saving their lives. These completed trailers are ready for occupancy with super insulation, refrigerators, microwaves, beds, heaters, port-a-potty, and bedding. 

“We are vets helping vets.  It’s about helping our brothers and sisters,” said Ed Harmon founder Boothbay V.E.T.S.

The cost of converting just one of these units is more than $5,000, so financial support is needed. More than 20 units have been completed so far, thanks to generously donated funds, materials, and services. Now, everyone has the opportunity to help raise money for this project through Boothbay V.E.T.S. Walk-a-Thon, while also getting some exercise at the same time. 

The walk-a-thon runs through September 24th when all participants are invited to meet at the Victor Grange in Fairfield Center for a 5 mile group walk followed by lunch. Anyone who raises $100 or more gets a free t-shirt. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information about the shelters visit

What:  Walk-a-Thon for Vets Kickoff Event

Where: Boothbay Vets Inc. 

              752 Wiscasset Road, Boothbay

Who:   Former First Lady Anne LePage

             Representative Shelley Rudnicki, Representative Holly Stover and others

When: Sunday, July 24th at 10:00 AM

A completed trailer will be available for the media to view and access


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