Bill to provide restitution for victims of shop lifting to have Public Hearing

STATE HOUSE– Rep. Ed Polewarczyk (R-Wiscasset) announced today that his bill to provide restitution for victims of shoplifting will have a Public Hearing Wednesday. The bill allows restitution to be paid to a victim of shoplifting for the time spent by the victim dealing with the offense.

“The vibrancy of our Maine communities is connected to the small businesses that supply, employ and serve others,” said Rep. Polewarczyk. “This bill is a small step toward addressing the many difficulties experienced by shopkeepers trying to keep up with rising costs, regulations and challenges to operating a business in Maine.”

What:  Public Hearing on LD 1039 – “An Act to Provide Restitution for Victims of Shoplifting for Time Spent Dealing with the Offense”

Where: Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, State House Room 436

When: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 1:00 PM


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