Bill to protect the environment from toxic solar panels under consideration

STATE HOUSE– Rep. Michael Lemelin (R-Chelsea) announced today that his bill (LD 826) to protect the environment from another PFAS type crisis by addressing the disposal of solar panels, will have a Work Session this Wednesday. The Committees may vote on a recommendation to the full legislature that day.

“My bill seeks to avert a toxic landslide of waste in Maine, before it happens, and the responsible parties are long gone,” said Rep. Lemelin. “Blind adherence to the solar panel agenda, without regard to its toxic waste, will poison our farm land, compromise our food supply, harm wild life, and forever alter our way of life. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection acknowledges in their testimony that “available options for recycling are not yet widely available,” but Maine is on a collision course with an environmental disaster larger than PFAS, without a plan to stop it.”

What:  Work Session on LD 826 – “An Act to Prohibit the Disposal of Certain Solar Panels in the State and to Require Bonds to Cover Disposal Costs”

Where: Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, Cross Building, Room 216

When: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at Noon


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