Bill to ensure college credit classes taken in secondary school count at university level to have Public Hearing

STATE HOUSE– Rep. Sheila Lyman (R-Livermore Falls) announced today that her bill to require eligible institutions of higher education to grant full credit to secondary school students who successfully completed postsecondary courses at eligible institutions of higher education will have a Public Hearing Wednesday.

“This bill is a step toward making higher learning more affordable and accessible to secondary school students that have put in the time and effort to succeed,” said Rep. Lyman. “It only makes sense to give earned credit for college approved courses. The acceptance of earned credits by secondary institutions is not always the end result. My bill proposes to change that.”

What:  Public Hearing on LD 837 – “An Act to Ensure College Credit Classes Taken in Secondary School Are Credited at the University Level”

Where: Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, Cross Building, Room 208

When: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 10:30 AM


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